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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsBelow are a list of frequently asked questions. Should you have further questions unanswered in this FAQ, feel free to contact us. You may contact us via our contact page, or pick up the phone and call.

Is what you are doing legal?

In short, yes. Although people may find this type of act to be unethical, it is legal as long as you are not trying to defraud or fabricate yourself to your local, state, or federal government. 

Can I go to jail or get arrested for this?

If you're doing this for employment or for renting a place to live, no. However, if you are trying to deceive any government agency, you very well can get fined and thrown in jail. This is why we only offer this service for personal endurance. Any place that is not government run is eligible.

Can I get a mortgage with this service?

We will not provide employment references or help in any way to get you a home. That is illegal. 

How real does my "previous employment" look when you're all done?

When we get done with your project, you will have a very professional website, and business contact that no one will be able to tell apart. Don't worry.

How long does it take once we get started?

Typically, the process takes about 3-5 business days depending on which package you choose and how involved we get.

Should I get a toll free number or a local number?

It's your choice, but we'd probably recommend a local number in your area code for a more authentic presense. But, it depends on the business and industry and we can recommend one or the other when the problem arises.

What do you need from me to create this business?

You'll need to tell us what dates of employment you want, as well as whether you previously worked at the job, or are currently employed. If currently employed, we'll provide you with an extension, as well as a voicemail naming system for you to setup and take calls. You can then have the extension forwarded to any home or cell phone. You'll need to tell us the salary you made, name of the supervisor (or landlord), and a few other minor details. We'll take care of the rest!

Can I get more than one reference from multiple people?

You sure can. Give us a call, and we'll customize your package to exactly fit your needs.

A lot of times, employers or landlord's send a reference sheet via fax. Do you provide this service?

Yes we do! Your business will also come with a dedicated fax number (depending on the package) where your potential employers or landlord can fax us the proper forms (along with your signature release) for us to fill out, sign, and fax back. Any outgoing faxes will have the business name and number up at the top!

Will I be notified if anyone calls for me?

You sure will. Anytime we have correspondence for you (whether it be via phone or fax), you will receive an email from us with the information of who contacted, when, and how the call was handled (missed, taken, etc.).

What hours do you take reference calls?

Because we are dealing with three time zones, we take business calls from 9:00am - 5:00pm your local time! 

Whta if someone calls during or after business hours and no one picks up?

Like any business, not everyone is available every time to answer the phone. Your system will answer the call and allow someone to wait on hold, or go through the prompts to find the party they are trying to reach. Otherwise, they will be directed to leave a message. We will then return the call at the earliest time possible.

I noticed in the sign up they're is an option for discount codes or coupons. Where can I obtain one of those?

You can find out coupons or discounts by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, or following us on Google +.

I may know someone who can benefit from your service. Do you offer referral fees or affiliate links?

Yes! We offer a very fair referral pay out, as well as an ongoing affiliate service. If someone clinks on your link and signs up under your affiliate ID, you'll be paid monthly for the length of the subscription. Contact us for more information.

What won't you provide service for?

Any federal, state, or local government agency such as local courts, state government jobs, or USCIS. Plus, we will not provide references for teachers, police (local, state, federal including but not limited to FBI, CIA, Homeland Security), fire, or ambulatory employments. We have the right to turn down anyone we feel can incriminate yourself or us as an entity.

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