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Landlord References

House or apartment for rentLike creditors, landlords also check references and do their due dilligence to make sure the person they are allowing to live on their property have the means to pay monthly for the place by being gainfully employed. Landlord's check not only professional references, but they also ask for your previous landlord's contact information to make sure you were a good tenant, and they'd allow you to live there again.

Another reason for our landlord reference package is if you're interested in moving to a new area, but haven't yet found a job, you will be unable to find a place to rent. Unfortunately when searching for jobs, employers want you local before they even talk with you. In other words: You can't get an apartment without a job, and you can't get a job unless you're living in the apartment. Allow us to become your management company/landlord by giving our name/number as your reference. We'll become your employer or previous landlord (or both!) so you can start fresh.

If you have an undesirable renting history, or are in need of employment, our landlord reference package is all you'll need! Sign up today to get yourself into your new place. Questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us today for a free discrete consultation.

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