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Your professional HR department ready to verify your employment

We understand that you may need some or all of the services listed below. Please view our packages available to find the one that most fits your needs.

  • The business name, address, and telephone you worked (or curently are working) for
    • XYZ Corp. 123 Bumblebee Street Your City, State 00000-0000
    • A corporate 800.XXX.XXXX and/or local telephone number 212-XXX-XXXX and a local fax number
  • Automated prompts for anyone to select through
    • Extensions: press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 0 for the operator etc.
  • Extensions that can be forwarded to anywhere and anyone!
    • We have on call HR women and men, as well as live operators
  • Music on hold!
    • If someone calls to verify you, we'll need a second to pull your file. What better way to sell it than to have the party holding listeing to the music of your choice!
    • An extension that goes to you or someone you know
      • If you want to be employed, you have an extension that fowards to your phone with a professional voicemail separate from your forwarded phone.
  • Professional welcome greeting of your choice
    • Want to hear a sample? Click here to visit our professoinal voice over sample page. Or, simply give us a call and listen for the prompts and sample prompts!
    • man, woman, accents, etc.
    • Example: hello, and "thank you for calling XYZ Company. If you know your parties extension, you may dial it now. For the company directory, please press 9. For sales, press 1. For support, press 2. 
  • Professional business website for the company you worked for
    • We will provide you with a reasonable .com, .net, or other appropiate domains that pertain to the company name and/or industry of your choice.
  • Live HR reps taking verification calls to verify whatever you tell us to say!
  • We will customize everything for your unique situation
  • Any type of verification on company letterhead
  • Resume building. We'll help you write your resume to make your stand out from the crowd. And, we'll back it up during employment verification.
  • More!

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