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How Bad Do You Want That Job?

You're hired!Unemployed? Fired? Laid off? Went on a hiatus? In today's world, employers want to see a steady work history. We've got you covered.  Find out more »

Need An Apartment?

Apartment referencesMoving without a job? Previous landlord won't provide a positive reference?  A job & landlord reference is all you'll need to move in!    Find out more »

Limited Professional Experience?

You need professional experience to be considered for the jobYou know you can do the job but don't have professional experience to back it up? We'll vouch for anything that's on your resume.  Find out more »

Welcome to Fake Your Job

We know that in this economy, it's tough to gain employment. Furthermore, employers today have a huge pool of applicants to choose from due to the overwhelming unemployment rate. Thus, you need to stand out from others, both on your resume and employment history. Gaps in your employment history, unverifiable employment (I worked for my Dad's friend's uncle isn't going to cut it!), and unverifiable job titles will kill any chances you have for getting the job of your dreams even if you're more than qualified. Plus, being able to add to your resume something you know you can do but haven't necessarily have done professionally may mean the difference between getting the job or not.

Because every situation is unique, we offer a variety of services and packages to fit your situation. We encourage you to navigate throughout the site, and see how we can make you a history that no employer would dare deny employment too. Should you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page or contact us directly by either calling or emailing us from our contact page. Remember, we pride ourselves on discret services catered to your needs. Unless you tell, no one will ever know! Thank you for stopping by.

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